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About Us


-Are you a busy professional or retired professional who tends to bite off more than you can chew?
-Do you want an authentic, custom, well-planned vacation but feel you lack the knowledge or expertise to put it all together and you have quickly become overwhelmed with all the options on-line?
-Do you wish to travel but do not like to do nor have the time to do all the work and research associated with creating an excellent trip?
-Did you fall in love with a foreign destination years ago and now want to re-capture that wanderlust and share it with your family and closest loved ones?
-Do you feel like time is racing by – the “kids” are growing too quickly, and you want to spend more time with the people that mean the most to you?
-Do you want to spend your vacation money safely without fear of not knowing the quality of what you are getting and who you are booking with overseas?
-Do you dream of an authentic, comfortable and high-quality escape where you can wake up like the locals do and go at your own pace and schedule?
-Have you been designated your groups trip planner, but don’t know where to start?

“If you have answered Yes to any of the above questions then you will benefit from using our Services! “



At Your Vacation Home, we know that a vacation is more than just ticking off boxes on a tourist checklist; it’s about exploring a different way of life, indulging in well-earned relaxation, and creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones. We believe that staying in a vacation home yields the best kind of travel experience, one where you get to call the shots –whether this means eating breakfast in your pyjamas or whisking off to tour a centuries old winery nearby. Villa renting is the most authentic choice, and it can also be the most economical. Having been in this part of the industry since its infancy, we remember the days when we would fax our owners in France or Italy and wait for a response! Those days have long since passed. Now the traveling public can book their own travel if they wish, but many have become overwhelmed with the myriad of choices, travel services and of rentals on-line and the uncertainty of booking a trip in this fashion. The conclusion for many is that planning a great trip is not only very time consuming but it takes knowledge and expertise. This is what we provide as we create for you a culturally rich journey.

“We help time-starved busy professionals and retired professionals plan fabulous villa rental vacations where they will not only nurture relationships and strengthen bonds with themselves and their loved ones, but they will connect more deeply with the places and cultures they are visiting by living like a local!”


Carol Murray, self-professed Franco-file, has been creating dream vacations for her clients for over two decades. After graduating from Western University in the mid-eighties, and then spending a few years in a corporate environment she embarked on a backpacking tour of Europe where she had eye-opening encounters with art, food and colourful locals. She then studied at the L’institut de Francais in the French Riviera. It was enough to make her realize when she returned home that the Travel Industry was the one for her and she has worked in her “Dream Job” in the Villa rental industry ever since! Her passion for sharing the perspective-shifting possibility of travel with her clients fuels her work every day! She knows that travel expands the mind, heart and soul; her clients return home with tales of adventure but also of renewed bonds with the friends and family who traveled with them.

HOW WE DO IT: We meet in person or on the telephone with you on an individual basis to analyze your needs and desires about what type of vacation you are looking for, the composition of your group, the purpose of the trip and the proposed budget. We try to get to know you and intuit what you want out of your ideal vacation. In most cases our villa rental prices include our fees. In some cases when we are doing extra research or setting up a custom tour, extra service fees will apply.

If we mutually agree we are a “fit”, then we work on your behalf to curate the trip by building the itinerary and putting together all the components of your trip in an organized and efficient manner while consulting with you during the process in order to match you to the best rental house, cruise, tour and other services. We look after all the details from start to finish. We will save you time and money overall and ensure that you will have a vacation itinerary that makes sense, is efficient and is exactly what you dreamed of or more!



WHAT MAKES US SPECIAL AND THE BENEFITS YOU WILL RECEIVE: We specialize in Villa renting and very few have the expertise that we do in this area. We care about each and every client and want you to have the trip of a lifetime!

-You will wake up in one of our hand-picked, curated collection countryside villas or posh city escapes with locals for neighbours
-You will receive advice and insider travel secrets, from how to turn the key in rusty locks of old European doors to the perfect Parisien cafe
-We are your advocate, your advisor, and almost like a “personal concierge” while you are on your trip! –We will eliminate your stress, by reducing the time you would have taken to plan your trip, plus we will look after the petty details
– Your family vacation will be crossed off of your to-do list.
– We will expertly weave all the parts of the vacation together including your custom requests and present it to you in a handy and logical form.
-You will get expert care and attention to detail unavailable anywhere else. You will only need to show up at the airport!
-You will travel with confidence and excitement and have the peace of mind of a well thought out itinerary and a trip well planned!



WE COMPETE ON VALUE: We do not compete on price for our property rentals. WE will, however, compete on service, value and quality. WE add value to a property rental as our other services are mostly included in the price of a rental, i.e.,. car rentals, hotel reservations, expert advice and itinerary planning. Overall you will receive excellent value for your vacation dollar.



-Family/Friends reunions, get-togethers, celebrations and multi-generational trips
-Girls trips
-Boys trips
-Romantic trips
-Adventurous trips
-Historical trips
-Wine or cooking trips
-More Economical especially for large families or groups



CUSTOM REQUESTS: Cannot find what you are looking for? Perhaps you wish to rent a property in an area that is not listed on our website. Please contact us anyway as we have contacts all over the world, and depending on what the request is we can often help find you what you desire.



WHAT TO DO NEXT: First fill in the form on the “Contact Us” button provided to let us know something about you. Then we can schedule a call and have our initial conversation to see if we are a match. Once we have agreed to work together, we will start building your itinerary and putting together all the components of your trip in an organized and efficient manner. You and your family or friends will be on your way in no time!