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Why book a property rental with Your Vacation Home instead of a regular travel agency?

A: This answer is simple – because we have “specialized” in property rentals in Europe for over 25 years!  Very few travel professionals know villa renting like we do!! This qualifies us to not only know the destinations well, but to hand-pick the properties we know are great, and to offer them to you!  Our expertise and knowledge will help you avoid the pitfalls of renting overseas and avoid any unpleasant surprises so that you will have the BEST vacation ever!


How do you compete with Airbnb? Or Vrbo?

A:  We do not compete with them at all.  We are a full travel service with hand-selected quality properties that we have worked with for years and we plan your whole trip from A to Z.  We work hard to ensure that your trip fulfills or exceeds your expectations.  While some people enjoy researching and mapping out their own trip, we encourage everyone to know the risks associated with booking properties on-line on your own or without the help of a professional service like “Your Vacation Home”.  Our service guarantees not only that the properties live up to their description and there or no disappointing surprises, but that you will have an entire trip that is well planned and seamless.


What if I want to go somewhere that is not mentioned on your website? Can you help?

A: Once you are a client, not only do you become privy to our curated collection of rental properties, but we will try and help you create the vacation of your dreams!  It really depends where and what it involves. If we feel we cannot do the best job for you on a particular trip we will refer you to a professional colleague that will!


Can you rent properties in several locations on one trip?

A: Yes of course! We listen to where you wish to visit and plan your itinerary in a way that is efficient and makes sense.  Once we sort out transportation, we fill in each period of stay in each country to complete a multi-destination trip, while informing you about what you will need to know about each country or region as you change locations.


Do you have small properties for only 2 persons?

A:  YES, of course we have properties for only 2 persons!  In fact we have a variety of properties that are suitable for 2-35 people! Our website shows only a sampling of the many types of quality properties that we offer. We encourage you to fill in the request form so that we can begin to match you with the property that will best suit your needs. Whether you rent a small or large property, we will do the work to craft for you a wonderful trip that will be truly memorable!


Do you have large properties for large groups or special occasions, like for weddings or for large family reunions?

A: YES of course!  WE love groups and can handle your request for groups up to 35 persons and more!  We can also help with arranging catering and/or extra services for your group depending on the location and the occasion.  If you do not see what you are looking for on the website, please just ask us as we have many more properties not featured on the site, plus we have many suppliers and colleagues around the world so we can usually find what you are looking for.

What are the advantages of booking my group through “Your Vacation Home”?

A: Whether your group wants a large property in Europe or the Caribbean or you have 10 persons or more who wish to go to a Caribbean resort or on a cruise, we are able to hold space and dates for your group that you would not be able to hold otherwise.  We will also advise on any potential discounts you might be eligible for depending on the size of your group.  For anyone who has ever tried, you will know that it can be a challenge to organize large groups.  That’s where we come in as we are experts at handling them.  We will help you arrange the details of the trip for your entire group which not only will save you time, but take the stress and responsibility out of your hands! We will present you with a trip that will be well planned and everyone will enjoy.   You – will look like the hero in the end!


Do you charge service fees?

A:  Our service fees are included in the price of a property rental.  If you are booking another type of trip like a tour or a cruise there may be fees involved which you will be made aware of before booking. It is determined by the size of the group and amount of work/research required.  Flight reservations and custom hotel itineraries normally have service fees. Car rentals are always booked for free! For all service – value is promised!


What time of year is best to travel to Europe?

A: The best time to travel to Europe is in the Spring-time – April /May or the Fall- September /October, when the weather is very pleasant and the crowds have diminished.


What if I am retiring soon and wish to spend an extended time in Europe?  Can you help with a long-term rental accommodation and car rental for a good price?

A:  Yes of course, over the years we have sent many people for long term stays in Europe.  We will consult with you to see where you wish to go and then contact our owners or suppliers to find you the perfect property. We are committed to working hard on your behalf to negotiate a long term rental fee that you will be happy with. We can also work to negotiate the best price possible for a long term car lease.


What if I do not wish to drive in Europe, can I still rent accommodation?

A: Yes of course!  We will create a city to city itinerary traveling by train or air. Examples would be: London- Amsterdam – Paris, Lyon- Nice-Barcelona, Rome-Florence-Venice and many more! We are experts at working out the logistics of travelling.


What if my whole trip is booked already and I only need a rental accommodation, can I just book that with you? 

A: Yes of course you may do that, but in future you will likely find it will beneficial to have your whole trip planned by us!