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River Cruises




For those that don’t like “cruising”, this just may be the type of cruise for you! River Cruising has become extremely popular in the last ten years and there are many reasons why! Imagine a 4 or 5 star floating hotel where the rooms are very spacious, all your meals and drinks are included and there are only 140 -190 people on board. Each day you will meander down Europe’s classic Rivers, or smaller rivers passing magnificent scenery all the while enjoying exquisite cuisine and local wines. Then stop in the heart of a medieval village and explore, maybe bicycle or wander for a few hours, or take an escorted tour, and later hop back on your travelling hotel to the next stop! River cruising is a fabulous way to see Europe’s fascinating villages, and towns in an intimate, efficient, yet effortless way and you benefit from only un-packing once! A slow paced river cruise will allow you to connect with yourself and with your loved ones, while connecting with the local culture of your destination. It is an amazing “Your Vacation Home” fit!

The best thing about River Cruising is not just the slow pace of the journey, but also the relaxed elegant atmosphere of the ships where there are no lines, no stuffy dress-code, and most importantly no waiting. The ships are comfortable with all the amenities of a hotel. The warm and friendly crew will treat you as if they are your “personal host”. Each ship offers the experience of local gourmet cuisine and fine wines. Some cruises have themes – such as “wine” cruises or cruises that focus on “Christmas Markets”. Each day you can partake in shore excursions that will immerse and connect you with the local people and their traditions and culture! Excursions are often augmented by onboard lectures, wine tasting and local performances. We represent the best and most luxurious River cruise lines in the business and after a personal consultation with you will fit you to the right cruise depending on where you want to go, your taste, your unique interests, budget, and fitness level. If you organize a group to go on a trip, your trip may be free, so don’t forget to tell all your friends or family it is time to go on the Trip of a Lifetime!

Some of Our Many River Cruise Destinations:

  • Central Europe –Amsterdam to Basel, Cologne to Vienna, Amsterdam to Budapest, Paris to Normandy, Paris to Avignon, Bordeaux to Bordeaux, Nuremburg to Frankfurt, Amsterdam to Nice
  • Eastern Europe –Munich to Budapest, Prague to Bucharest
  • Italy – Milan to Rome
  • Portugal and Spain – Lisbon to Porto, Lisbon to Madrid
  • Egypt – Nile River
  • Vietnam & Cambodia-Mekong River
  • India – Ganges River
  • Africa- Safari Cruises
  • Russia-Moscow to St. Petersburg
  • China- Beijing to Shanghai
  • Themed Cruises – Wine Cruises, Christmas Market Cruises, Holiday Season Cruises